Why Buy a Diamond Watch?

Diamonds are always pleasurable and it gives you so many reasons for your happiness! Diamond Jewelery comes with different collections like rings, necklace and watches! Among all these diamond collection, watches are always special and extraordinary, as they are the best companion for any individual.

They are becoming increasingly popular, as people of both sexes have started wearing it. They are not really flashy and they give a gentle professional look. People of any age group find the best way to adorn themselves is with diamonds. Diamond watches have always been beautiful and they are known for their rich look!

These days they are really inexpensive and most people have started purchasing them for their casual use. There are plenty online shopping jewelry stores, where you can find the diamond watches with a wide collection. They come with a wide collection that matches both men and women. Also, the wide range of watch collection matches the style and professional look of individuals with their respective standards. Generally, diamond watches come with different shapes, style and sizes. The rate of every piece will vary from one to another depending upon the style and design.

Diamond watches are akin like any other wrist watch! The only difference is that, they explicate a rich look with grand aesthetic appearance. Women of these days have started wearing designer collection of watches, and they sizzle with the gorgeous look. Generally, they are worn during special occasions like a pleasurable evening party or any other blessed occasions. Some brand masters that introduce classy variety of diamond watches are Seiko, Rolex, Omega, Citizen, Cartier and Bulova.

Most of the men have started to sport out a variety of diamond watch collection! Diamond watch collection of Men will be ultimately beautiful and special. Most of the brand masters, who design ladies designs, also design unique variety of watches for men too.

There are plenty of online shopping jewelry stores that make a grand purchase of diamond watches for both men and women. Most of the Men designers will never design the watches akin like the women’s design. Watches for men will be ultimately masculine and they give a virile look.

While you purchase your favorite watches, you must consider about quite several factors. Get to know the quality of the diamond that is fixed in the watches. Basically, price and rate has always been a major factor, when it comes for purchasing diamonds. Buying a costly diamond watch never just entails that you have purchased the branded diamonds with supreme quality. Rather considering the price and rates, ensure about the quality of the diamonds and make sure that the dealer in 100% reputable.

There are plenty of online stores that direct and offer you cheap jewelry for sale! You can find the best dealer to make your purchase!

Guide to Buying a Swiss Luxury Watch

Most watches will give you accurate time, however few fall in to the category of a true luxury timepiece. Watch connoisseurs will agree that a true luxury watch should withstand the test of time, both in style and craftsmanship. This is true for most Swiss luxury watch makers, as many have been around for over 100 years. For those looking to buy their first luxury watch, the options are many. The purpose of this guide is to help you make an informed decision, and hopefully help you in your quest for a fine timepiece.

Many men’s and women’s watches fall in the category of a luxury watch. Luxury watches can exceed hundreds of thousands of dollars, however you should look to spend at least $1,000 for a fine timepiece. It is possible to find considerable discounts online and one could obtain an entry level luxury watch for a few hundred dollars. Luxury watches could include a gold case or bracelet, a diamond encrusted bezel, or simply a stainless steel timepiece made with exceptional craftsmanship.

Choosing A Style:
The first question you should ask yourself when shopping for a luxury watch is, what purpose do you want it to serve? Do you want a sleek looking chronograph to represent your professional status? Is this watch going to be a gem encrusted piece, worn only for special occasions? Will this be a gift to commemorate a special event, like a new job, or retirement. You have to decide how often, and in which situations you will be wearing your new luxury timepiece.

Here are some features you should consider in choosing in a luxury watch:
o Band: A metal bracelet, leather strap, or even a rubber band.
o Case: Round, rectangular, tonneau or square shape.
o Materials: Gold, platinum, silver, stainless steel, titanium, or ceramic.
o Gems: Diamonds or other gemstones; set in the dial, case or bracelet.
o Movement: Mechanical, automatic or quartz.
o Specs: Analog or digital dial; a divers watch with water resistance, a chronograph with a stop watch setting; calendars, moon phase dials, etc.
o Brand: A traditional and legendary Swiss company like Omega or Patek or a newer designer label like Franck Muller.

Is the price right?
Luxury watches can range in price anywhere from $1000 to several hundreds of thousands of dollars. Generally speaking, you should expect to pay at least $1000, but with a little online research, you could find an entry level luxury watch for considerably less. It is important to decide on your budget beforehand, this will save you a lot of time and frustration.

As an online seller I see a common problem, especially with us Americans. Americans love to live above their means, and this is certainly the case for fine timepieces. Many people are looking to buy a watch that will end up putting them in financial debt. When shopping for a luxury watch, you should be looking to get a deal, not a steal. If you are trying to get a $5,000 TAG Heuer for $800 dollars, then you are going to have a hard time at it. This is the reason why the counterfeit market exists.

This leads me to a more philosophical point; when one is looking for a luxury watch, you should want to pay around retail price. I know a lot of people will disagree, but part of the pleasure of buying a luxury watch, is being able to afford one. You should not be looking to buy a new Mercedes for $10,000 and the same holds true for fine watches. My question is why would you want to? A Mercedes Benz is intended for those making over $100,000, not those making $30,000. Unfortunately, that does not stop many of us from leasing that Mercedes, or Range Rover and remaining in debt. If you cannot afford a $5,000 watch, then buy one more within your budget. It’s that simple.

I cannot tell you the amount of times I have had people bid $200 on a watch costing over $7,000, and then send me a message asking if they are close to reserve! Everyone wants a bargain, but many people are completely clueless, and these are the people that end up buying fake watches. You may not want to hear that, but it is the truth. Long story short, Rolexes and Omegas are meant for those who can afford them. If you want one of these watches, you have to earn the kind of money that warrants that kind of purchase.

The Make Up Of A Luxury Watch


Luxury watches naturally incorporate the finest materials in the world. Many luxury watches use 14kt or 18kt yellow gold on the band or case. White or rose gold are also popular materials used for fine timepieces. The most expensive of all metals used in watch making is platinum. Many very fine luxury watches simply use stainless steel bands and bracelets.

Leather straps are a bit more casual than metal bracelets, and provide a more toned-down look. They may come in calfskin, lizard, or alligator patterns. For those looking for a bit more flash, a gold bracelet will provide this look. A solid gold band will be more expensive, but also be an investment in itself.

Diamond watches convey an air of glamour and even opulence. Many colorful gemstones are encrusted in to some of the more high-end luxury watch designs. You want to make sure the gemstones are real, as this will add to the value of the timepiece.

Horology is the process watchmakers use in the crafting of fine, precise timepieces. Watch enthusiasts tend prefer manual wind or automatic watches. Mechanical movements display the skill of the watch maker and are generally used in the more elite designs of luxury watches. Quartz movements are more precise and do not require as much maintenance.

Fine watch making is an old tradition started out of Switzerland, and remains a passion for many today. Functions other than basic timekeeping, such as the stopwatch on a chronograph, are referred to as complications. Complications tend to increase the price of the watch and display additional skills of a watch maker. I hope this luxury watch buying guide helpful. Good luck in your quest for a fine timepiece.

A. Tracy is a watch enthusiast and online watch seller. If you are crazy about luxury watches and would like to talk shop, read reviews, and be privy to special deals…come check out Timepiece Of Mind, a site run by, and for, fellow fine watch lovers.

Why Are Fossil Watches Are So Popular?

Fossil Watches are classic, yet contemporary, simple and warm – this is the modern vintage – This modern vintage is the exclusive style perspective that defines the Fossil brand and its many products. It successfully translates the mid-century modern art and architecture design impression into forms and fashions that are distinctively relevant for today’s shopper. These watches are very nice to wear, and will not cost you a bundle. Most of my favorites run from $65 to $85, well within most people’s budget for a quality watch. These watches are available in both digital and analog mechanisms and with leather or metal bands.

Fossil watches are easily found online or at local department stores. It is one of the most sought-after names in popular watch brands. These watches are made for both men and women and are offered in an array of sizes, styles and materials. Watches with charm bracelet links to watches with leather bands and everything in between can be found both in Fossil men’s and ladies watch line!

These watches are found in a variety of ranges. The men’s line has casual, dress, chronograph, titanium, motion dial, midsize and pocket watch ranges. The ladies watches are made in gold, silver, leather and designer styles that are fully functional with interchangeable dials and special adjust-o-matic features, which make it fit perfectly on any size wrist.

Fossil watch tins were introduced in 1989 to reflect the company’s 1950’s Americana style of branding that has made the company so popular. Every new watch is packaged in one of these distinctive tins and you can find collectors actually buying and selling the tins alone on eBay and at flea markets.

To this very day, Fossil has kept true to its philosophy of testing the limits of design, innovation and technology, as evident in all their products. Truly inspired, that’s the heart and soul of Fossil watches. The uniqueness of Fossil watches, lies in the brand’s aim of changing timepieces from time reading devices, into a style statement. Fossil was the pioneering American brand to make the banal looking wristwatch metamorphose into an item of vogue. With a look that’s all on its own, Fossil provides sports, casual, and fashion style watches that go great for any occasion.

Invicta Watches – Mixture of Different Styles

Invicta Watches was first founded by Raphael Picard in 1837. The company first started out from Switzerland, and were known for one of a kind Swiss watches. Swiss Watches are considered to be highly top notch, elegant and sophisticated and Invicta timepieces are just the same. They are known for their excellent quality of Swiss Watches. Invicta Watches use the finest material, high-end technology and a colourful mixture of different styles to manufacture their watches. Invicta timepieces are available in high class quality for both men and women.

Invicta Watches for men are durable, huge, and technologically advanced to adapt the needs of a man. These watches are made so articulately in the Swiss style, that it becomes a big attraction for the eye. Invicta timepieces for men go with any attire, whether it is sporty, casual, formal or trendy. The dials of Invicta Watches for men are huge and that makes an instant hit amongst men. The bands of the watches are available in black, brown and other similar colours using leather as the fabric. Bands of stainless steel, gold, silver etc are also available and that gives the watches a look of style and class.

Invicta Watches for women are all about elegance, poise and fashion, because they are the three qualities that define a woman. A wide selection is available for the women to pick from. Invicta Watches for women are sleek and slim, and not really huge or chunky, so they fit in perfectly. Invicta timepieces for women are made with great skill to meet the needs of women, and hence they are made using various colours and designs, as well as jewellery, in order to attract the eyeballs. The dials are generally casual, and all the watches go with any outfit, making it the perfect accessory.

The best part about Invicta Watches is that they are not over-priced. They have a modest price tag attached, especially because their target audience is the daily, regular customers. They give a great deal on all the watches, for both men and women. Even the Invicta Watches that are sold online have great deals if purchased from the right retailers. This makes the people who have a limited budget to opt for Invicta timepieces. The best part is that with such a wide array of watches, one can pick a watch without wasting their money.

Thus, Invicta Watches never fail to mesmerize as they have all the qualities, namely, high quality features, moderately priced, advanced technology and mainly they make watches with a personal and individual touch. Invicta timepieces are always known to make high class, luxury timepieces to match the needs of the common man who would wear the watch every day, on different occasions. Invicta Watches have style, sensibility and poignancy that reflects the persona of whoever wears it, this makes it the most admirable and most needed accessory. Invicta timepieces are definitely world leaders today in the business of watch making, because of their unique features.

Adidas Watches

Adidas watches have been around for a long time and they are the premier watches for daily wear and for sportswear. Adidas is famous for its sportswear, clothes and watches. You might come across famous sports personalities wearing these watches in the advertisements worldwide.

Watches on the Go

If you are the busy professional who travels frequently, you might like to get Adidas watches for reliable time reporting. They will show you the time accurately and will last a long time to come. As the designs are classic, they will never go out of fashion. And you can wear Adidas watches anywhere anytime on the go – be it for casual beach walk or to attend an important meeting.

Different Features

There are many features – 100 lap memory, shadow race mode, single push chronograph, enhanced interval timer, race calculator, world time mode, easy lap touch and so on. There are also instruction manuals to guide you along on how to use the various features. Hence, Adidas watches are made for all generations from the young to the old, from the casual worker to sportsmen and are suitable for every occasion. There are various types of designs and features for the client to choose from before making that purchase.

Value for Money

Value for money and very affordable considering the quality and style. It is an investment if you buy one for yourself for it will last a long time with warranty for new purchases. There are different types of straps from non-metal rubber grip to stainless steel with a clip. That is why satisfied clients keep buying Adidas watches and promote it through word-of-mouth to their friends and relatives. Moreover, because of its affordability, many students wear them in class besides the working executives.

Quality Watches

You can buy Adidas watches from the internet or from the watch shops. They are quality watches catering to all walks of life with different prices to choose from. Many of the Adidas watches are listed in eBay, the world’s biggest online auction site with more than $1,000 being transacted every second! Therefore, there is a demand for such watches and they will never go out of fashion. They are timeless classic and will last for many years to come with proper care.

Popular Amongst Young People

Adidas watches are the in choice amongst youngsters. That is why there is always a demand in the world market especially on eBay. The watches look trendy and suit the time and current fashion. Therefore, the discerning customer usually chooses Adidas watches to wear for all occasions and to know the time. Hence, it is a wise move to buy this timeless classic as a gift for your loved ones and they will cherish you for it. Adidas watches make good Christmas gifts, birthday gifts or even company annual dinner gifts for all its staffs. Besides, Adidas is a well established brand worldwide and many yuppies will choose this brand over others for its quality and affordability. You can never go wrong with an Adidas watch – which speaks of lifestyle and represents the importance of punctuality for the owner and wearer.

Marc Ecko Watches – Fun, Young and Fashion Forward

Marc Ecko watches are youthful, exciting and fresh. This young design house has built a reputation for creating high fashion designs for men and women that really work on the street. When you are looking for a watch that is unique, out of the mainstream and dramatically different, look no further than Marc Ecko. The Ecko Unlimited brand strives to represent the transformative power of character – the strength of the individual to overcome struggle and adversity through their passion. This vision translates into watches of distinct character and design.

Once upon a time the fashion world was completely stratified by age – old and young did not mix. But old lines and distinctions are beginning to blur and we are realising that our clothing does not have to be so rigidly age related. Marc Ecko watches, though they employ a youthful style, are also touched by classic design elements and can be worn successfully with almost any style of casual clothing. The key to effectively wearing youthful fashions no matter what your age lies in mixing and matching design pieces to create an overall ‘look’. If everything you wear is tied to the youth culture you will look awkward if you are any older than 16.

For successful fashion today, you want to pair disparate elements to create a whole look. Combine a classic cardigan with a slim-line t-shirt and boot cut jeans. Push up the sleeves of the cardigan and add any one of dozens of Marc Ecko watches and you have a relaxed and casual look that will take you through the weekend. It is through the judicious mixing of texture and cut that you create outfits that feel timeless and a watch from Marc Ecko can be the perfect finishing touch to your fashion statement.

Marc Ecko watches are available online at prices up to 40% cheaper than can be found on the high street. The brand makes watches that play with convention – covering watch faces with graffiti like artwork, using copper, leather, resin and highly polishes steel in silvery, pewter and sleek black finishes and subverting our idea of typical time display. If you are looking for a watch that will be dramatically different and individual look no further than Marc Ecko.

A Complete Review Of The Stylish Tissot Prc200 Watch

The following is a very honest review of the tissot prc200 wrist watch. This article will be attempting to carefully weigh the pros and cons of this particular Swiss made watch, while explaining the type of niche the product has managed to carve for itself on the market. If the reader is male that is strongly considering a new watch, they could benefit by reading this.

This watch is filling a very important niche within the marketplace. This is of course referring to the special category of time pieces that can be wore casually, as well as with a three piece business suit. The reason that this type of product is in such high demand, is because many men are not comfortable with the idea of buying more than one expensive watch.

One of the most popular designs is used for this product, the Swiss made design. Many people agree that such a design is capable of holding the time quite well over extended frames. Many people also associate such designs as being quite damage resistant. These are the two qualities that make the piece such an acceptable piece for everyday wear.

One of the really great things about this piece when it comes to style, is that it looks a lot more expensive than it actually is. This is the main quality that many men look for in a quality watch, and thus is the reason that so many men purchase knockoffs. It is important to mention that this watch has a level of design and quality that is never found in any knockoff.

Since this is the type of time piece that men are going to be wearing everyday, the level of comfort is quite an important thing to consider. The good news about this, is that most people who have bought and then reviewed this piece, say that it fits very well and is quite comfortable. Do not forget that the model can be easily adjusted through the use of a little adjustment lever that is located on the wrist clamp.

One modern feature that this piece happens to be missing is the calender feature. This might be a little easier to swallow when the reader considers that not only does the date feature hold consistently, but it is also very easy to program. Also remember that the date does not have to be adjusted very often, and many people will find this to be quite convenient.

The only other complaint that can be found on this piece, is the fact that some consumers are complaining about some online retailers not offering a proper warranty. It is very important to inquire about a manufacturer warranty when buying this particular model on line. If you are not offered such a warranty, the watch might be quite pricey to repair.

It should now be a little more clear why the tissot prc200, is so much better than most knock offs. It works well for casual, as well as formal occasions. It is also a great piece for a man to wear day in and day out. Considering the price, this watch is a very effective middle level watch that would also make a great gift for most men.

How To Chose The Best Chronograph Watches For Men

What is a chronograph watch?

Chronograph watches were introduced in 1910. A man called Nicolas Mathieu Rieussec invented them in 1821 but no one thought to make it into a wrist watch until eighty one years later. King Louis XVIII of France is very interested in watching a horse race, and he wanted to measure the timing of each race. Thus, Nicolas Mathieu Rieussec was hired to create a device to perform this job.

The first version uses a pen to write on the round dial. The length of the arc directs the elapsed time. The numbers are fixed on the round dial. In 1969 when three companies – Breitling, Hamilton and Heuer- collaborated to engineer the first automatic chronograph watch. This initial model was powered by the kinetic energy generated during normal walking arm motion and movement. A second type of chronograph watch is the modern digital version, which is battery powered. Modern brands of chronograph watches are Tissot, Casio, Citizen, Pulsar and Seiko… Higher end and designer watch brands are Kenneth Cole, Heuer, IWC, Movado and Omega…

They can be used for very specific time measurements, because they have the general time keeping on the main dial or the watch depends on the dials on the watch. You can have up to four dials and each one is designed for a different function. The dial that you see most often, of course, is the continuous seconds dial that is found in the middle of the main face. The rest of the sub dials have functions that measure the fractions of a second, minutes and hours. They also have a telemeter that measures distance and a tachymeter that measures speed.

The chronograph watch is a symbol of accuracy and precision, intended for the purpose of accurately measuring time within tenths or hundredths of a second. Though style is definitely a serious consideration, considering the amount of money that is being spent (though this is not as true with the lower end chronograph watches available from the lower tiers of manufacturers and brands), it is logical and practical to presume that a modern, classic or antiquated style should be part of the price package to complement the functionality and engineering quality built into the measuring instrument as a means of establishing the combination of price, quality, history, engineering and positive product reviews that will enable future sales and profitability.

The watches that the men wear today can do much more than just tell you the time. They are designed with many practical features such as stopwatches, calendars, alarms, digital readings and watches that you don’t ever have to wind up anymore. A Chronograph watch can offer you several different ways of telling time and most people will want one for their collection. Used in many different situations, they are usually thought of as sport watches.

Watches can reflect a person’s status symbol compared to wallets, so collectors can love the art and craft of the watches and appreciate both the beauty as well as usefulness of the watches. For the casual consumers, however, it is unnecessary to consider a high level of engineering since the issue would likely be more styles and social advantages than to have a truly quality engineered project.

The Chronograph watch buying guide that is listed below show some of functions of the watch so that you can see how well they are made and help you make a clear decision on buying one.

1. High Accuracy

With chronograph watches, the accuracy has to be top priority. If you buy chronograph watches which have the certified chronometer, I think that is an optimal choice. Chronometer is a certification of accuracy tested by a Swiss laboratory, the Control Official Suisse des Chronometers (COSC).

2. Materials:

A. Case Materials:

Most of the cases are made of metal, so it is important to protect the movement and the dial as well as consider the style and durability of the case material. In high quality watches, Stainless Steel is the most popular metal because it is attractive and resists both discoloration and tarnish. Gaining in popularity is Titanium because it is lighter in weight and just as durable as Stainless Steel, but gold sets the standard for truly luxurious watches for men’s timepieces.

B. Band Materials:

There are two different styles of watchbands such as the strap and the bracelet and available in many different materials. A series of interlocking metal links which is a bracelet and fabric, synthetic, rubber, nylon or leather is used for the straps. You can use casual designs and also dressy versions of your wardrobe to add beauty to leather. Some of the bands also use the fabric straps and fine faux leather. You can mix and match on your bands depending on which case you use.

C. Crystal Materials:

The crystal is the clear protecting cover fitted tightly over the face of the watch. Depending on the brand, style and price that material’s crystal chronograph watch is different. It is often shocked or blows, so it should be as hard as possible. Because the crystal is made of soft material, it will be easily scratched and broken. Which will make the watch less enticing and presumably illegible, or if shattered, which will probably damage the watch and in the worst case you cannot repair it. There are four types of crystals that we often encounter: plastic, mineral, synthetic sapphire and sapphire. Amongst these, sapphire is the most expensive and hardest. However, pure sapphire is very brittle and fragile when it collided. Therefore, a proprietary material or synthetic sapphire can also be a good choice for you.

3. Movements

A. Quartz Movement

If you need precision, quartz movement is an excellent choice. A mechanical movement may be wrong several seconds in a day while a quartz movement only wrong a few seconds per year. A quartz movement is powered by using a battery. The most affordable watches usually use a quartz movement. They are cost effective and combine the movement of the chassis with the jewels of a mechanical movement that make the most durable and accurate quartz movement.

B. Mechanical Movement

This movement uses a spring that must be wound up by hand using the crown that is located on the case. As the spring slowly unwinds it releases the energy that powers it. These watches that are well built can last a lifetime. The mechanical watches are quite expensive because they are meticulously crafted and artistic wonders of the watchmaker.

C. Automatic Movement

The automatic watches have mechanical movements that contain the energy made by the wearers’ arms that winds the spring. This means you do not have to wind the watch every day. Most of the luxurious and high-end watches are equipped with this type.

4. Size

A. Case sizing

At ablogtowatch.com, which is a famous site for watches, has surveyed hundreds of their readers. Ariel Adams, author of the site, said over 90% of men prefer watches with the size from 40mm to 44mm. So you can also choose within this range. However, if you want to be more certain, I’ll show you a trick. Accordingly, please follow two steps below.

Step one: determine the size of your wrist

You should use a soft tape measure round your wrist (should be tightly wound)at the position in front of outcrops emergent in the carpal as shown.. In case you do not have a tape measure, you can use a soft rope or a piece of paper around the wrist position required to wear. Measurement is completed when you can measure the length of the hard yards or meters using online tools at: http://iruler.net/.

Step two: Formula for calculating the diameter to fit your wrist

– Convert size is measured in steps 1 to mm. For example: 16cm is converted to 160mm.

– You can get the size measurement by dividing the diameter of watchcase.

For example: You want to buy a watch with a diameter 38mm to 160mm of your wrist, the result would be 160:38 = 4.2

You need to be interested in the result of the division as mentioned above. The watch will best suit you with ratios ranging from 4 to 5. Less than 4 that is too large, greater than 5 that is too small.

For example: You have the wrist size with 160mm. Watchcase right for you will have sizes from 32mm to 40mm.

– If your wrist is slim but big in width. You should choose watchcase has the index slightly less than 4..
– With sport watches and diving watches you can wear a watch with index less than 4 without any problems.
– If your wrist is small, you should not choose watches too thick.
– If the lug is too long, you should not choose sizes too big.
– Square-shape watchcases always look bigger than round-shape ones.
– With oval and rectangle watches, you can measure your wrist horizontally.

B. Band length:

Conventional watches for men have long wires from 196mm to 241mm. Usually, the kind of leather straps is perforated several holes to fit many different wrist sizes. With the kind of metal band, there are generally many chain links to be connected together. So, when you remove the chain to wear fit your wrist, you should keep those unused chains to prevent from the alterable size of your wrist, or the link that you are using is damaged.

5. Water resistant

Normally, chronograph watches have a high level of water resistance, especially for the chronograph with sporty style and diving watch. However, to be safe for daily activities such as swimming or bathing under the showerheads, you should buy chronograph watches at least 100 meter- water resistance.

6. How much is your budget?

You need to set up a budget for the chronograph watches. This is something you cannot ignore. There are many cheap chronograph watches on the market, but with a good chronograph watch, perhaps you should spend at least 100 dollars for it.

Ladies Watches For Different Pursuits of the Day

In general, it is not as hard to find gifts for men as it is to find gifts for women. Take watches, for instance. It is fairly easy to find a watch for men, but if you have ever tried finding a watch for women for the purpose of giving it as a gift, things can get a little challenging. Watches, in general, make for great gifts; you simply need to pick the right one.

If you are looking at men’s watches, picking one to give as a gift is likely to be as simple as deciding whether you want the recipient to wear it for work or for casual occasions. Then you simply pick out the color. You can not use the same strategy when you’re picking women’s watches. Women tend to have a completely different way of viewing things than men when it comes to shopping and items. Sure, you can decide whether you want the watch for dress or casual. But the next step — the color of the watch — is a challenge, since no one color of the watch is perfect. A woman needs a black watch, a silver watch, a gold watch, a running watch, and a fun watch (think “Disney”) — all to complement her wardrobe.

There is no doubt about it…it is definitely much harder to choose and pick women’s watches than men’s watches. This doesn’t mean, however, that you should give up the idea of buying the special woman in your life a watch. Let’s say you want to give your wife a watch for her birthday. Take note of what she already has. If she already has a silver watch and a black watch, you will do well to get her a gold watch. If you want to splurge on the gift, try looking for a women’s watch that have diamonds. Your wife is going to love you for it.

What does your wife love to do? Does she have any hobbies? If your wife is an avid golf player, there are many fashionable golf watches available online. Does she like to dive? You’ll find lots of great dive watches in different colors. If your wife is a health buff who loves to run, try getting her a runner’s watch with a built-in heart monitor.

What about the cost? You’ll need to set your budget. Sure, you can find a watch for less than $20, but if you want a quality watch for your wife, look at watches that are priced starting $100. If it’s a very special occasion and you have got a big budget, consider getting your wife a watch priced in the thousands. Believe it or not, there are women’s watches being sold for $50,000.

If you want to give the most special woman in your life the best gift you can give, consider giving her a watch. Today, gift shopping is easy because you can do so online. Take your time shopping for the right women’s watch. Don’t buy the first watch you see just because it looks good or it is on sale. Create a list of possible watches to give her and then narrow down that list to the best two or three watches and pick the best one. And remember, you can not go wrong with your gift if you picked it with great care and thought about your recipient.

Leather Cuffs and Leather Cuff Watch Bands, Which One Should I Buy?

Here are some tips to choosing leather wristbands or leather bracelets that will fit your style:

For the most masculine look for men: Choose a wide leather band, about 2 & 3/4 inches wide. If you want to go for a harder, more masculine look, matching wide leather bands are good at 2 & 3/4 inch wide. For bands this wide, look for plain bands or bands with 2-3 straps across the front. If you are going for the most masculine look, the color black band is best, otherwise, the brown is a little more tame.

For a casual look for men: Choose a band that is about 1 & 1/2 – 2 1/4 inches wide. What is popular now for both men and women is a lot of texture on the band, weaving and stitching is good. You want to draw attention to the band, you want it to really stand out and add to your look. For casual wear, choose a brown band. If you want be a little more bold, go for black.

For a casual look for women: Choose a band that is about 1/2 inches wide. A stringy or wraparound plain leather band is good, for a more subtle look, choose the color brown. If you want to be a little more bold, go for black.

For a bolder look for women: Choose a band that is about 1 inch to 1 & 1/2 inches wide. Once again, brown is going to be a little less bold than black. Here again, weaving and stiching is popular and the more texture on your band the better.

Popular styles that stand out:

Sharp leather color and stitching color contrasts. For example: white stitching on black or brown leather.

Have your name or a phrase engraved onto the leather. There are a few places online that offer this service.

A wristband or cuff with a lot of texture. Look for weaving and stitching in abundance. There are some very creative styles available nowadays with both weaving and stitching.

A wristband or leather braclet with a jewel or stone attached to the leather. These are a little harder to find, but they are becoming popular, especially for women, and are worth looking into.

Matching cuff wristbands and cuff watch sets, matching leather, style, etc., is always going to look good.

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Carrie Reeder

Owner of The Level Collection